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Consent Forms

Under 18 and want a tatty or shiny poke-poke? State law says you need that permission slip from your parents, don't worry, getting their permission is the hardest part of this new journey, the rest is super easy,


 just print out the correct form below and

bring it to an official notary with your parent or legal guardian before your appointment.

Don't have a notary or know what one is? we provided a link at the bottom of this page.

Tattooing & Piercing:

16 years and older if accompanied by legal guardian.

Call the studio to speak with our piercer about piercings on lobes for those
under 16yrs of age

➡ We require all clients to produce photo identification upon request.

Valid forms of identification are:

Driver's License



Military ID Card

Birth Certificate w/ Student Photo ID Card

Legal guardians must also provide one of the above forms of identification and sign a notarized consent and release form. If the guardian is not the birth parent of the client, we will also require proof of guardianship in the form of Adoption papers, Foster Care papers, etc. Guardians must be present for procedures on minors

where to find a notary in south florida
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