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Brett | Piercer

Professional Piercer •Brett McGaw

Days off Wed & Thur

Meet Brett, a seasoned professional certified Piercer, who embarked on an inspiring journey into the realm of body piercing 1/2 a decade ago. Since then, Brett has been unwavering in dedication to the intricate art of body modification, seamlessly blending medical expertise with a creative passion for self-expression.

In Brett's hands, clients are welcomed into a unique sanctuary where the fusion of medical precision and artistic flair takes center stage.


The transition from phlebotomy to body piercing reflects Brett's innate ability to adapt skills, creating an environment that is both professional and creatively enriching.

One of Brett's hallmark qualities lies in curating an atmosphere that exudes relaxation and tranquility. The studio is meticulously designed to ensure clients experience a sense of calm, making each piercing session not just a procedure but a journey of personal adornment.

Beyond technical proficiency, Brett takes pride in offering a quick and relatively painless experience, understanding that comfort is paramount in the world of body modification. Clients can trust Brett to transform their vision into reality, leaving them adorned with not just piercings but personalized masterpieces that resonate with their individuality.

Book a Session with Brett at the studio – a realm where relaxation meets transformation, and each piercing becomes a celebration of uniqueness and embark on a journey of self-expression and adornment.

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