Tattoo Deposit

For TATTOO APPOINTMENTS you must contact your Artist  before leaving a good faith DEPOSIT, so we can confirm the deposit amount and availability for your TATTOO appointment.

if you haven't consulted with an artist, you can request a FREE one by going HERE.

Tattoo Consultations do not require a deposit

Depending on the prep-work involved in creating your tattoo, ask your artist which size deposit to leave. 
-Deposits will be credited to your last session on your tattoo.

-Deposits are Non-Refundable once your artist has started working on your tattoo design.

You can always reach out to your artist at the studio at

but if they're busy tattooing you can reach out on their Instagram account by 

Let's Do it!

-Deposits are in the amount of

$50 (small)

$100 (medium)

$200 (large)

-your artist will let you know which to leave

-Deposits are credited to the last session

leave a deposit for a tattoo at guru tattoo & piercing west palm beach florida