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Discover an array of captivating body piercing types at Guru Palm Beach! From earlobe and nose piercings to eyebrow and lip adornments, our expert piercers specialize in a variety of techniques to help you express your unique style. Immerse yourself in the world of body piercing as we explore the cultural significance and symbolism behind each type.


 With a focus on safety, hygiene, and meticulous attention to detail, Guru Palm Beach is your go-to destination for professional body piercing experiences. Unleash your individuality and elevate your look with our exceptional body piercing services. Visit us now to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression.


Wearing Diamond Jewelry

Ear piercings

  • Earlobe piercing(s)

  • Daith Piercing

  • Vertical Helix Piercing 

  • Helix piercing

  • Forward helix piercing

  • Rook (piercing)

  • Snug (piercing)

  • Tragus piercing

  • Industrial piercing

  • Flat/Outer Conch piercing

  • Surface Tragus piercing

  • Transverse lobe piercing

  • Dermal conch

  • Stretched lobe(s)

  • California piercing

  • orbital

    Nose piercings

  • Nose piercing

  • Upper nostril piercing

  • Nasallang piercing(s)

  • Septum piercing

  • Bridge piercing(s)

  • Septril piercing(s)

  • Rhino piercing

  • Austin bar piercing

  • Third-eye piercing

Facial piercings

  • Anti-eyebrow

  • Cheek/dimple piercing

  • Eyebrow piercing

  • Horizontal eyebrow piercing

  • Mandible piercing(s)

  • Diver dermal

Lip Piercings

  • Jestrum piercing

  • Labret piercing

  • Snakebites

  • Medusa/philtrum piercing

  • Dahlias

  • Canine bites

  • Angel bites

  • Cyber bites

  • Spider bites

  • Madonna piercing

  • Monroe piercing

  • Vertical labret

  • Dolphin bites

  • Horizontal lip piercing

  • Ashley piercing

  • Shark bites

Tongue Piercings

  • Tongue piercing

  • Horizontal tongue piercing

  • Inverse tongue piercing

  • Frenulum piercing

  • Friendly piercing

  • Smiley piercings



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