The Universe brought you here

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Guru Tattoo & Piercing Palm Beach South Florida Tattoo Studio
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Lake Worth, Florida Tattoo Studio



Manifest Yourself

In a world of mass produced disposable merchandise, hand-crafted art will always stand the test of time, by our side, part of who we are and who we'll eventually be, we are not manufactured & easily disposed, we're pieces of art set forth on our journey, individually crafted by our great creator. 


We will never lose value, because we're priceless.



We're a custom design studio, for those looking to have original, living, breathing works of art, Tattooed & Pierced, by highly experienced & mindful artists, bring in your thoughts and we'll bring them to life.

Walk-ins Welcomed 

We book-up fast, so we HIGHLY recommend scheduling your appointment in advance, as this gives your artist ample time to create a Tattoo the gods will be envious of.