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Purchasing tattoos & piercings could be a hassle, especially for those who know little about them. We understand that the tattoo industry has expanded exponentially. This has not only diversified the industry, in terms of design-options, and quality, but has also broadened the range of prices available. A standard tattoo or piercing can be priced somewhere between $250 to $10,000, depending on the style, and time spent on attention to detail.


Unfortunately, this provides an opportunity for dishonest artists to hide their true nature, and take advantage of the fact that most buyers are not experts in the field. They will give random price quotes, which at the time may seem like a good deal, but they'll rush through the tattoo, and use poor quality products, ultimately leading to inferior work & quality, and in some cases, health risks. Your new tattoo will be with you the rest of your life, lasting longer than some marriages, so think before you ink.



at, GURU, you know you'll never be taken advantage of, as we price our work on time, not randomly depending on how some artist might feel that day. Plus we offer amazing price breaks, for larger sessions. 



GURU offers the highest quality in tattooing & piercing, we do this by using only the industries best materials, combined with artists that are vastly trained to create a broad range of styles, assuring you'll be very happy with having us bring your ideas to life.

GURU TATTOO & PIERCING - creating adornment, for the mind, body & soul. 





 Guru Tattoo Studio of the Palm Beaches, Fl.

 Where, you can choose from an endless assortment of design ideas or have one of our expert staff design your own custom tattoo at no extra charge. We have a full and knowledgeable staff of artists to answer your needs, and ensure your new adornment is one you won't regret.

GURU, always uses new needles, and single use disposable tools for every client, as well, Vegan safe pigments to ensure each client a safe and professional tattoo. We sterilize our instruments using a fully automated autoclave, similar to those found in hospitals, and dental offices. Furthermore, we challenge the autoclave with spore testing, which is sent to an independent lab for testing to ensure our equipment is in perfect condition.

 Our staff consistently upgrades their ability and knowledge through training and seminars both locally and abroad, and are certified in Blood Borne Pathogens. This ensures your tattoo is performed using the latest industry standards. This is why your artist will fully guarantee their work to your satisfaction, and offer a free touch-up just within a year of your visit. 

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