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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this transform my life?

Hairline Restoration, will transform your life in an important way. You will look younger and more dynamic, which will increase your self-esteem. You will no longer suffer from hair loss: on the contrary, you will adopt a bold and seductive look. Your life could very well be transformed in depth personally, sentimentally and professionally. Numerous studies are evidence of this.

How real will it look?

Unless you say something, people will not notice that it's not your real hair. Our technique replicates natural hair follicles, so it will be your secret as long as you want. Hairline Restoration tattooing can give the look of a shaven head with follicle shadow or add density to someone with thinning hair, as well the procedure can be used to hide scars, including those from hair transplants.

What's the diffrence between the your technique and others?

Our procedure is to implant a medical pigment in the skin, less deeply than if it were a true tattoo, with less surface than if it was a permanent makeup. We use our own pigments that are customized according to the client's hair color. Our needles are specially designed to reproduce the illusion of a follicle. Indeed, a regular tattoo needle would not produce the desired effect. On top of this, we get our amazing results because we are the only ones to have discovered the mathematical formula to imprinting the hair impressions by using the golden ratio, or otherwise known as the Fibonacci sequence, this ratio is found in everything in nature, by implementing this formula with with our procedure we have the most realistic outcome.

How long does the treatment take?

On adverage, the treatment is done in two sessions. It is sometimes necessary to add another final session to make minor alterations. Each treatment is done with a minimum of 7-14 days between and each session, and can take between 2-5 hours a session.

How painful is the procedure?

The procedure could not be described in any way as painful, we use a high-grade numbing solution, proir to starting, this makes the procedure just about pain-free. Most clients say they do not feel much, just a slight tingling. On a scale from 0 to 10, the pain is usually 1 to 3 at max, and there is no pain after the procedure is over.

Is it the same as a normal tattoo?

No, not at all, even though our Hairline Restoration can be known as a hair tattoo, it is completely different than a tattoo. The pigments used do not change color since we use different pigments, equipment and needles that are not used in normal tattooing. We also use a different technique to acheive results. As well, you have to be specially trained to perform this.

How will you get the right color shade?

The first treatment is done slightly lighter to see how the pigment settles in the scalp, the second treatment can be left as is or altered to see if a darker gradient is needed. This is how we get the most realistic results.

Are there any side effects?

No, after each treatment it feels like mild sunburn sensation for a few hours.

I have thin hair. can you help me?

With our technique, it will hide the contrast between your hair and scalp, creating an increased density appearance, which will reduce the effect of light or water on your hair.

I have scars from a hair transplant. Is it possible to hide them?

You can expect your scar to be very well hidden. Each scar is different. You may need to come back for an extra session to complete the scar coverage so that the scar is no longer apparent. On the physical and emotional levels, the disappearance of the scar causes a great relief. For customers who choose to keep their hair short, the scar will be hidden under your hair. Those who want to keep hair a little longer will benefit from a density effect.

Who does the treatments?

You can read Jeff's full bio by following this link, Jeff's Bio

How do I book an appointment or find out more?

Just shoot Jeff over an email to get more questions answered with a free evaluation to see if Hairline Restoration is right for you.



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