Jeff has been in the industry for over 20yrs, He's traveled the globe tattooing, and enjoys all styles of it. Art has always been a big part of his life, Since childhood his fascination with creating beauty in the world, lead him to the human canvas, and that's when he was introduced to the world of inking on skin. At a very young age, he got his first tattoo at 13. Although, this was not a good idea, it cemented his drive to pursue tattooing as a way to create living, breathing pieces of art. 

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Russ has been tattooing since 2009. Traveling America from New Orleans, Chicago, Georgia, and now Florida. He has been sharing his tattoos and art. Art is Russ's passion and he loves to collaborate and share the concepts with you and your designs .

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Chelsie started her tattooing career in Southern California where she was born and raised. At the age of 15 she was hellbent on becoming a tattooer, despite the fact that a majority of the people she knew tried telling her to do something else with her life. At 19 years old Chelsie began her apprenticeship and has been professionally tattooing since 2012. Always trying to improve her craft, attention to detail and fine line work is where she excels. Chelsie likes to work closely with her clients in order to provide them with a custom design that exceeds their expectations, and enjoys any kind of dotwork, black and grey, or color. Anything with witchy or occult subject matter is her absolute favorite. Outside of tattooing, Chelsie spends her time with her son and animals at home, playing video games, watching movies and playing some weird made up version of DnD (but what can you expect playing DnD with a 7 year old?) Follow her on Instagram for daily posts of her work @chelmarietattoo

Alison Sandler

Piercing Guru

Julie "PICKLE" Macdonald

Henna Artist / Tattoo Apprentice Guru

Hi I’m Julie, A native to the area,  born and raised in West Palm Beach. I am a temporary tattoo artist, that specializes in Jagua and Henna tattoos. I love to design mandalas, floral tattoos, and other traditional henna designs. In my free time, I enjoy making sushi, painting, and cuddling my cats.  CLICK HERE for more of her work

Morgan Murta

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