Russ has been tattooing since 2009. Traveling America from New Orleans, Chicago, Georgia, and now Florida. He has been sharing his tattoos and art. Art is Russ's passion and he loves to collaborate and share the concepts with you and your designs .

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JT Ryan

Head & Body Piercer | Jewelry Expert

J.T. Ryan has been in the industry for a decade, has worked for national distributors and has been featured in magazines. With a thirst for knowledge and a passion for body piercing he strives to stay informed on all procedures and aftercare. The attention to detail and bed side manner J.T. tries to give every one of his clients shows his love for the job and brings the compassion and confidence you want in your body piercer. For more info on our piercings CLICK HERE

Julie "PICKLE" Macdonald

Henna Artist / Tattoo Apprentice

Hi I’m Julie, A native to the area,  born and raised in West Palm Beach. I am a temporary tattoo artist, that specializes in Jagua and Henna tattoos. I love to design mandalas, floral tattoos, and other traditional henna designs. In my free time, I enjoy making sushi, painting, and cuddling my cats.  CLICK HERE for more of her work

Jeff has been in the industry for over 20yrs, He's traveled the globe tattooing, and enjoys all styles of it. Art has always been a big part of his life, Since childhood his fascination with creating beauty in the world, lead him to the human canvas, and that's when he was introduced to the world of inking on skin. At a very young age, he got his first tattoo at 13. Although, this was not a good idea, it cemented his drive to pursue tattooing as a way to create living, breathing pieces of art. 


 Jeff, is currently only taking appointments for, HAIRLINE RESTORATION | TATTOOS, at this time.

 Jeff, is highly trained in Hairline Restoration Tattooing, and is double certified under two of the industries top pioneers, where he was taught the secret techniques of hair follicle replication. He has taken what he's learned from the masters, and has merged it with his artistic attention to detail, and with his 20 years of precision in working with skin. 


 All his procedures are performed with state of the art equipment, specifically designed only for Hair Replication Tattooing, using only the industries top products, tools & practices, which provides every client with realistic, permanent results. Jeff's 20 years of Bloodborne Pathogen medical certifications, has highly trained him in safe & sterile practices, giving piece of mind that not only will his clients have a successful procedure, done right, they will have amazing results.


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