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Bilingual: Fluent in English & Spanish

Meet Antwan, a talented tattoo artist who has recently joined the esteemed Guru Palm Beach in Florida.  A tattoo artist specializing in realism and fine lines 🖌
with years of experience creating works of art on skin, Antwan loves capturing beauty and meaning in every tattoo. Now, he's excited to announce his residency with Gurú Tattoo Studio, the new home for his passion and creativity.

Antwan says "Each tattoo stroke I make is an artistic expression, a moving canvas that tells stories and evokes emotions. Whether you desire a realistic portrait, a detailed design, or an elegant fine line tattoo, I am here to listen to your ideas and turn them into permanent masterpieces."
His approach is rooted in technical excellence and personal connection. Every tattoo session is an opportunity to build a bond, understand your visions, and offer a comfortable, customized experience. Together, we will bring your ideas to life and transform them into tattoos that transcend time

If you're interested in discussing your next tattooed masterpiece, shoot Sılky a Tattoo request using the quick form below. 

Book a free consultation with ANTWAN by filling out the quick form below.

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