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• Andromeda Polaris•
Body Piercer

Andromeda is a body piercer who has a lot of experience and skill in her field. She has been working in the industry since 2004, and she has learned from some of the best artists in the business. She is always up to date with the latest trends and techniques, and she can offer you a wide range of piercing options and jewelry styles.


 She is a professional body piercer who can help you achieve your body art goals, whether you want to enhance your appearance, express your personality, or make a statement. She will work with you to find the perfect piercing and jewelry for your individual needs and preferences. She will also provide you with clear and detailed information about the piercing process, the risks and benefits, and the proper aftercare.


Andromeda, will make sure that you are comfortable and safe throughout the procedure, and that you are happy with the result. as she is not just a body piercer, she is a body art consultant who can help you transform your look and feel amazing.


Come and see why Andromeda is one of the most trusted and respected body piercers in the area. ✨

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